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Help is defined as the act of carrying, holding, or taking on someone's burden in order to provide relief for them. With the weight you carry as a parent, it is okay to ask someone to bench you in parenting. It is okay for you to feel overwhelmed with your responsibility as a parent. And it is okay to be supported in your role and responsibility as a parent. You do not have to do it alone. Dethrone the super-parent mentality and lean on the tribe-based care that can bring peace, ease, joy, and love for all involved. I encourage you to give yourself permission to lean today. Lean on your family. Lean on your friends. Lean on your community. Lean on your hired help. Lean on the people who can and will relieve you from the responsibility you are carrying. You are not meant to carry it all alone.

Do not let people disregard or forget you as the vessel. Find, hire, or identify your tribe and lean. Set a system with your tribe and community to ensure you are not forgotten until it becomes routine for them.

3 Ways to Invite a Healthy Community to your Postpartum Journey

Assign your Support System with Responsibilities

It is okay to tell people what you need. Allow people to serve you well by keeping them informed. Here are a few examples:

  • Identify the Giggle Friend: The one that will bring laughter to my soul. The one who will send me the tiktoks and reels that will make me laugh.

  • Identify the Encourager Friend: The one that will remind me that I am loved. Remind me that I am doing a good job. Remind me that it is okay to reset.

  • Identify the Mental Health Friend: The one that will ask if I have eaten. Ask if I am drinking enough water. Ask if I have showered. Ask if I have gotten fresh air. The one that will ask and listen.

Subscribe to Automated Services

Subscriptions can be a part of your community. Set up subscriptions so you can maximize your time elsewhere. Subscribe to services that will make your life easier. Here are a few examples:

  • Subscribe to Believe Diapers

  • Subscribe to a Meal Prep Service

  • Subscribe to a Grocery Delivery Service

  • Subscribe to a Laundry Service

Hire Help

You may need to invest to receive your peace. Check out The Purposed Parent for help hiring the help you may need.

  • Hire a Postpartum Doula

  • Hire a Newborn Specialist

  • Hire a Travel Caregiver

  • Hire a Nanny

  • Hire a Babysitter

Today, you have received permission to lean. Today you have received permission to receive. Find, identify, and receive the help you need. Help is not bad. Help is relief. Relief so you can parent well. Relief so you can parent with intention. The mission of The Purposed Parent is to see more parents parent on purpose. We at The Purposed Parent are here to help you on your journey as you choose to not parent alone but parent with intention.

By: Praise Olowokere

CEO and Founder of The Purposed Parent