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About Us

A couple of years ago, we read an article about diaper need in America. From parents leaving their children in dirty diapers to making the choice between having either enough food or diapers for the week. Their stories really struck a chord with us. 

Besides the needs of families, we realized the impact that conventional diapers left on our planet. The damage they are doing to the planet is incomprehensible and when you think about it, Earth is a Mother, too! We committed ourselves to making a great diaper for babies and the planet, while helping those who need it most.

We had no experience in the diaper business, but we believe you don't need experience to make or do something good for others… you just need the drive to do it. Equipped with this drive in our hearts and minds, we were determined to make a difference. Using only the best materials for your baby and leaving out anything harmful -- Believe Baby came to light.

Believe Baby is here to fix the economic inequality in diaper care. Having a one-for-one diaper matching program will get Believe Baby Diapers into the hands of families across America who need it most.

We know it is hard to put your trust into something new, but believe us when we say that you and your baby will not be disappointed. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing you’re helping families in need and the planet.

All our best!

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