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Romper, the leading digital destination for millennial moms, featured Believe Diapers as one of the most environmentally conscious diaper brands.

Finding the right diaper for your baby is harder than ever with so many options on the market. Believe Diapers offers an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional disposable diaper. Made from sustainably-sourced bamboo, Believe diapers biodegrade faster than the typical diaper. They are also free of any harmful chemicals or ingredients.

“Safe for sensitive skin, the premium bamboo diapers from Believe Diapers are soft and highly absorbent. [Believe Diapers] also has a huge charity component: They donate one pack of diapers to a family in need for every pack purchased. Believe Diapers is partnered with the Good+ Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit that provides essential goods (such as diapers) to underserved families” said Lindsey Mack from Romper.

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