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Because Earth is a mother, too!

We go beyond conventional eco-friendly standards to lighten our footprint as much as possible.

We Believe in the environment

Biodegradable diapers create 2.3x less water waste than standard disposable diapers, save 200,000 trees per year, and decompose about 500 years faster.

Free of harmful chemicals

Our diapers are free from harmful chemicals and additives. There is no use of chlorine, latex, alcohol, PVCs, lotions or phthalates when making a Believe Diaper.
SCS Certified Responsible Forestry
FDA Approved
Ecocert organic certification
IQNet Certified

Why we source from bamboo?

Bamboo is recommended by leading dermatologists for being a naturally anti-bacterial, deodorizing, breathable and super-absorbent fiber. This renewable silky-soft wonder fiber is naturally moisture wicking and thermal regulating to keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable year round. Not to mention hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and odor resistant.

A renewable resource

Bamboo is the fastet growing plant, reaching full maturity in 7 years. When harvested it does not die off, but grows again. It also produces 35% more oxygen than conventional trees. It’s an infinite resource that does not cause garbage, but can be completely biodegraded which is one of the many reasons why we believe in bamboo.