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"On this Kelly Clarkson Show's episode, the 38-year-old singer spoke to a mother named Alondra, who is battling postpartum depression - which occurs after giving birth.

Kelly also invited Cori Smith, the founder behind Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry, an organization that provides diapers for families in need.

During their chat, Alondra - who is feeding her baby while speaking to Kelly - learns that a company named Believe Diapers has quite the surprise for her" Said TheSun.

Believe Diapers donated $5,000 to Alondra and 20,000 diapers to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry, additional to the goal of donating over 1 million diapers to over 40,000 U.S. families in need in 2021.

The news made it everywhere! You can see some of the featured articles, and watch part of the episode at,, and