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Having a well stocked diaper caddy means you can handle any and every diaper change that comes your way. From the quick and easy, to the complete blowouts. Yes, they are a right of passage for parents. Being prepared though means a LOT less mess and an easier cleanup overall. Whether you’re a soon to be parent or in the newborn trenches, these diaper caddy essentials are a must for all the diaper changes to come!

PS - I discovered a great hack to minimize some messes, especially relevant to any boy moms. When you change a newborn, it’s very common for them to pee once you open the dirty diaper to begin the change. Their skin being exposed to the cold is a signal to them to pee. If you stuff a wipe a little bit down the front of their diaper, it mimics that cold sensation so they pee in the diaper instead. I would leave the wipe there for as long as I was prepping everything else (somewhere around 30 seconds), and greatly reduced how often I was getting peed on. Worth a shot!

Diaper and Wipes

Well, of course! Having a well stocked diaper caddy with plenty of diapers and wipes is the number one essential. Keep things hypoallergenic for your baby’s sweet skin with Believe Baby’s diapers and wipes, and keep an extra stash in a drawer or area nearby (within reach!!)

Baby Wipes Dispenser

When a mess hits, you don’t want to be fumbling with wipes packaging. I swear, baby wipes KNOW when you’re in the middle of a frantic change and choose that as their time to fuse all the wipes together as one. Wipe troubles no more! Grab yourself a baby wipes dispenser with aweighted plate, so you are guaranteed one wipe at a time. Ubbi makes a great one!

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rashes will most likely happen. Totally normal! Tackle them early with a solid diaper rash cream. Go for something without fragrance if you can, to keep irritants to a minimum. Just plain Aquaphor can work wonders! It also doubles as a skin protectant when your little one needs it.

Stain Remover

Stains are another thing that absolutely will happen. Maybe from a blowout, maybe from food when you start solids, and maybe a mystery! Either way, having a non-toxic stain remover nearby that you can quickly spray and throw that piece of clothing in the hamper with is a game-changer. We use Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater and it is amazing!! I bought a 3 pack when my baby was born and we’re almost finished with the third. I absolutely will be repurchasing. It’s a parent essential, beyond the diaper caddy!

Hand Sanitizer

You might go into having a baby thinking you’ll always be able to wash your hands after a diaper change, but trust me, having hand sanitizer at the changing station is a must. Washing hands as soon as you want just isn’t always realistic. Plus, sometimes it’s so messy, you want to quickly sanitize before you re-dress your baby or touch anything at all. Grab a bunch and keep them stocked at your diaper caddy and any other diaper changing stations.

Paper Towels and Sanitizing Wipes

Clean up messes quickly and sanitize things. Be sure to grab one that is either safe for babies, or to wash off the sanitizing residue after.

Nearby Change of Clothes

Depending on your changing station set up, you might not be right at your baby’s dresser. If that’s the case, have a change of clothes stashed nearby. Outfit changes happen quite often!

Learn as You Go

You’ll quickly learn through trial and error what is best for your baby. These are a great starting point, but let your baby lead the way and tell you what they need to have comfortable diaper changes. They might not be able to talk yet, but they find ways to communicate. Happy changing!